Home Inspections and Code Enforcement Consultations

Home Inspections

Here's what you can expect during your home inspection

The following systems will be inspected:
ROOFING - Condition of roofing material, penetrations, flashing, gutters and downspouts and moisture penetrations.
STRUCTURAL - Foundations, grading and impact on foundation, attic structural components, crawl space structural components and interior indications of foundation issues.
ELECTRICAL - Branch circuit wiring, service drop and connections to structure, service panel components, GFCI circuit protectors, receptacles, lights and switches
PLUMBING - Operation of all fixtures, proper drainage of all drains, proper air gaps to prevent cross contamination, location of meter box and service shut-off valve at structure, water heater and T&P valve drainage, under sink connections, dishwasher connections, garbage disposal connections.  
VENTILATION - Proper ventilation in attic, proper ventilation in crawl space.
HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING - Check operation of system, check proper connections in ductwork, check overall condition of system, e.g. age, heat exchanger (gas operated systems), proper ventilation of exhausts to exterior, pipe connectors, gas lines, electrical heating elements (electric only), supply registers, condensate lines, outdoor unit, filter(s), coils, blowers, location of unit and more. 
APPLIANCES - Proper operation of gas and electrical appliances, proper seals at ranges, stoves, refrigerators and microwaves, proper location of shut-off valves (gas), garbage disposals, electrical connections and electrical supply, exhaust vents and exhaust to exterior.
GRADING - Proper slope from foundation and drainage or lack of drainage.  Gutters and downspouts and effectiveness.
CHIMNEYS/FIREPLACES - Condition of Chimney at exterior including foundation and cladding, hearth, firebox, flues for built up creosote, chimney caps and spark arrestors, clearance of all combustibles around interior fireplace and proper operation of all mechanical components. 
The following will be provided to you:
What is your responsibility?
  • Be present if possible for the inspection or select an agent on your behalf (friend, relative, real estate agent, etc.)
  • Verify all utilities are on before inspection if possible
  • Ask questions before, during and after inspection
  • Read contract agreement, sign and submit payment for inspection prior to inspection
  • Read the report in its entirety
  • Call with any questions or concerns after inspection and receipt of report
FEE SCHEDULE - A single family dwelling defines a normal inspection.

Price is .10 per square foot.  The minimum charge is $200.00


Factors that will be calculated into the total service costs include additional inspection items such as: detached garage, barns, pump houses, storage bldgs., boat houses and other additional items outside the scope of inspection.


Travel range is anywhere within 60 miles of the corporate City limits of Abilene, TX.  Cost of travel will be added for properties beyond this travel range.

Know your rights and protect yourself by visiting the Texas Real Estate Commission website shown below.

Consumer Protection Notice (http://www.trec.texas.gov)

P.O. Box 12188, Austin, TX 78711-2188 (512) 936-3000

Code Enforcement Consultations

Services Provided to General Rule Municipalities
Search requirements for the owner(s) of record of each property before notifications are sent out.
5 searches required by LGC to all who have a recorded interest in properties in violation.
Legal Notifications as required by the Texas Local Government Code.  Notifications to include:
  • Notice of violations for: High Grass and Weeds, Unsightly Conditions, Junk Vehicles, Off Street Parking, Substandard Structures
  • Door Knockers for 1st notice
  • Certified Letters for 10 days to abate notice
  • Condemnation posting on Structures
  • Notice of hearing before Council or Board
  • Letter of Council or Boards decision(s)
Detailed step by step instructions on the procedures for condemning a property.
Processes for a positive outcome to rid community of blight through repair, sale or demolition.
Detailed templates for presentation to the Council or Board including power point and procedural documentation provided to Council or Board before the scheduled meeting and meeting procedures.
One week of training for all enforcement personnel including work books and power point presentation
Information regarding grants available for revenue.
Contact information for follow-up support services for an indefinite period.